Louise Dubé

Executive Director

Louise joined iCivics as its Executive Director in July 2014.   Louise discovered the power of education in the early 1990’s as a co-founder of CASES, a New York alternative-to-incarcerat... READ MORE >>

Sue Meehan

Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Sue joined iCivics as Chief Operating and Financial Officer in 2015.    Sue specializes in helping entrepreneurial, early stage organizations successfully grow.  She has more than 20 year... READ MORE >>

Emma Humphries

Chief Education Officer and Deputy Director of CivXNow

Dr. Emma Humphries joined iCivics as Chief Education Officer in February 2016. Emma began her career in education as a classroom teacher in north Florida where she taught all levels of Ameri... READ MORE >>

Molly Morrison

Chief Development Officer

After graduating with a Political Science degree from Trinity Washington University and four years of national leadership for a variety of causes and campaigns in Washington, DC, Molly bega... READ MORE >>

Julie Silverbrook

Senior Director of Partnerships

Julie serves as Senior Director of Partnerships and Constitutional Scholar in Residence at iCivics. Julie served as Executive Director of The Constitutional Sources Project (ConSource) in W... READ MORE >>

Shawn Healy

Senior Director, State Policy and Advocacy

Shawn Healy, PhD, Senior Director, State Policy and Advocacy, leads iCivics’ state policy and advocacy work through the CivXNow Coalition and oversees civic education campaigns in several ... READ MORE >>

Natacha Scott

Director of Educator Engagement

Natacha worked with the Boston Public Schools for the past 14 years beginning her journey as a third grade teacher at the Josiah Quincy Elementary School after she graduated from Northeaster... READ MORE >>

Carrie Ray-Hill

Senior Director of Digital Learning

Carrie oversees the conceptualization and development of iCivics’ educational resources, with a particular concern for teacher usability. She is responsible for maintaining a consistent fo... READ MORE >>

Matt Osber

Director of Technology

Matt joined iCivics as the Director of Technology in March, 2018. Matt has spent most of his career as a team leader developing educational technology.  Some product highlights are: Term Pa... READ MORE >>

Amber Coleman-Mortley

Director of Social Engagement

Amber Coleman-Mortley is the Director of Social Engagement at iCivics. Her responsibilities include recruiting teacher influencers; elevating diverse voices and perspectives within the civic... READ MORE >>

Dave Buchanan

Director of Massachusetts Programs

Dave Buchanan joins iCivics as the Director of Massachusetts Programs. After 18 years at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, most recently as the Assistant Di... READ MORE >>

Aileen McQuillen

Senior Marketing Manager

Aileen graduated from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in 2013 with a love for leveraging digital marketing to tell impactful stories and to drive meaningful actions.  She ... READ MORE >>

Taylor Davis

Director of Curriculum and Content

Taylor is the Director of Curriculum and Content at iCivics. Having joined iCivics in 2017, Taylor has worked to grow and develop iCivics’ curricular resources. With a keen interest in ped... READ MORE >>

Lora De Salvo

Curriculum Associate

Lora joins iCivics as a Curriculum Associate after 16 years teaching U.S. History and U.S. Government courses at the two-year college and high school levels.  Being an advocate for students... READ MORE >>

Gabriel Neher

Grant Writer

Gabriel joined iCivics in August 2015. Gabriel oversees much of iCivics’ institutional fundraising, with a focus on foundation relationships. He serves as principal grant writer, and manag... READ MORE >>

Lyubo Dopchev

Software Engineer

As a software engineer Lyubo helps with maintaining the website. He holds a bachelors in English and a certificate in Object Oriented Programming and Design. In his spare time he does roboti... READ MORE >>

Patricia Leslie-Brown

Manager, CivXNow Projects

Patricia is part of the iCivics management team, oversees office operations, and supports the Executive Director and Board of Directors as the organization's Executive Assistant. She also se... READ MORE >>

Kristen Chapron

Senior Editor, Digital Learning and ELL

¡Hola! After participating in a study abroad program in Madrid, Spain, Kristen developed a passion for the Spanish language and culture (not to mention café con leche). Her time overseas i... READ MORE >>

Molly Launceford

Curriculum Assistant

Molly joined iCivics in 2019 as a Curriculum Assistant. She supports curriculum planning and development, responds to support requests, and represents iCivics at conferences and trainings. M... READ MORE >>

Kate Flanagan

Executive Assistant

Kate joins iCivics as the Executive Assistant. As such, she supports the Executive Director and Board of Directors while also maintaining the daily operations of the office. Prior to joining... READ MORE >>

Libby Falck

Design Fellow

Libby Falck is a user researcher and designer of games, curriculum, digital tools, and interactive experiences. As the iCivics Design Fellow, Libby works with our community and staff to max... READ MORE >>