Photo of iCivics team member, Kiara Day

Kiara Day

Curriculum Associate

Kiara Day joined iCivics in September 2023 as a Curriculum Associate. She is excited about helping students embrace an inquiry-based approach to social studies and believes that a strong education in history and civics is essential for nurturing active, informed, and responsible citizens. Kiara studied at the University of Vermont, where she earned her B.A. in 2018 and her M.A. in 2020, both in History. She specializes in modern Europe and the 20th century United States, thematically focusing on Holocaust education, antisemitism, and gender history. While in graduate school, Kiara was a teaching assistant, worked for the Miller Center for Holocaust Studies and Hilberg Library, and became an Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellow. After academia, Kiara went directly into the world of K-12 curriculum design. She spent three years at McGraw Hill Education, where she developed a suite of print and digital social studies curricula for the high school level. Kiara is passionate about ensuring that all voices from the past are heard as much as possible, and she endeavors to assist students in unlocking history’s relevance to their lives today.

Kiara is a native Mainer and continues to reside there. She spends much of her free time at her local coffee shop/bakery, going on nature walks, and traveling.