Constitutional Compromise challenges you to find a way forward for a young nation as disagreements mount. Engage in the ideas discussed at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and discover how compromises you build today compare to those made by the 55 delegates.

In this game, you will hear from delegates as they cast their vision for the future of the United States and weigh the options. Balance the interests of a diverse set of states, navigate the interests of delegates who envision vastly different roles of the new government, and process the difficult decisions addressing the institution of slavery in the states.

Not all compromises are (or were) the ideal outcomes. While based on real debates and historical arguments, this game should not be considered a historical reenactment. In the end, you can discover what really happened in Philadelphia.

For English and Multilingual Learners: Use the support tool, Spanish translation, voiceover, and glossary.

Teachers, check out the Extension Pack with activities and teaching tools to reinforce key game concepts.

This game was made in partnership with George Washington's Mount Vernon, with support from Kenneth C. Griffin