Tanai Benard-Turner

Project Manager

With more than a decade of experience working in the education field, Tanai brings an excitement and passion for her work as NDEP Special Grant Project Coordinator at iCivics.

Tanai has been impacting the lives of students around the world. She graduated Lamar University with a degree in Industrial Technology in 2010. She then went on to become a certified educator in Texas, teaching Technology and Engineering. With her love for travel, Tanai moved to Abu Dhabi where she lived and worked for several years. There she taught local Emirate students Algebra and Geometry.

With every professional move she has made Tanai’s primary goal has been to make a positive impact on the people she works with. Her motto in teaching and life is “Everything is 'Figureoutable'”. She finds most joy from knowing she has had a hand in inspiring the lives of thousands of students around the world over the course of her career.
Even when she’s not working, Tanai spends her time trying to improve the lives of others through education and other resources. She enjoys traveling the world with her family, as well as teaching other mothers how to explore the globe with their own families while on a budget. Tanai is also dedicated to serving her own community through a multitude of initiatives; following her ultimate goal of always putting others first.