Our Strategy

iCivics has launched an ambitious, five-year (2020-2025) strategic plan to seize this moment of unprecedented support for our cause and build on the great progress we have made.

Our goal is no less than to ensure that all students, in all 50 states, receive a high quality civic education that prepares and engages them in civic life by 2026 - when our nation celebrates its 250th anniversary.

This plan lays out a framework for success over the next five years. It includes three, interdependent axes of work that fuel each other.

Each axis is supported by clear activities to ensure results are ambitious, and also measurable and achievable:

Invest as a Premier Provider

Be the civic education provider of choice at scale and meet a growing demand for expertise in remote learning.

Catalyze a Movement

Shift a national mindset to prioritize civic education

Evolve for Impact

Expand the model to advance civic engagement through place-based programming.

By 2026, we will have achieved the mind-shift needed, and we will have put in place new and more rigorous policies to ensure quality civic education in 20 states. We will provide more relevant and engaging resources for high quality education. And we will have demonstrated what systems-wide quality civic education looks like to deliver results.