Louise Dubé

Chief Executive Officer

Louise joined iCivics as its Chief Executive Officer in July 2014.  

Louise discovered the power of education in the early 1990’s as a co-founder of CASES, a New York alternative-to-incarceration program for youthful offenders where education helped re-shape lives.  Inspired by a continuing deep commitment to ongoing learning, she has devoted her career to ensuring that all students are prepared for active and thoughtful citizenship and life. 

Louise has successfully led growth organizations that make and deliver engaging educational technology and digital media. Most recently, she was the Managing Director of Digital Learning at WGBH. At WGBH, Louise helped launch PBS LearningMedia, a platform with more than 87,000 classroom-ready digital resources reaching 1.5 million educators. Previously, Louise served as President of Pangea Tools, an educational software start-up successfully acquired by Houghton Mifflin, and as VP of Marketing at Time To Know, a 1:1 curriculum platform, now distributed by McGraw-Hill Education. As President of Soliloquy Learning, Louise structured the sale of the company to Scientific Learning where she served as Vice President and General Manager of Speech Products.

Louise began her career as an attorney in Montreal, Canada, and holds a law degree from McGill University, as well as an MBA from Yale.   

Louise, a native of Quebec, has two children, Simon and Daniel, who share her love of travel, reading, debating and learning.


If you are interested in learning more about Louise, iCivics' strategic direction, and the current landscape for ed-gaming and civic education, please see the link below. You will be directed to an interview with Louise, conducted by the Bernstein Family Foundation: http://bernsteinfamilyfoundationdc.org/louise-dube