Andrea Benites

Policy Coordinator

Andrea joined iCivics in December of 2023 to support the CivXNow coalition and its state and federal policy initiatives. Her passion for civic education sprouted in a course during her graduate studies called Good Government Reform. In this course, she realized that civic education can play as a solution for our nation’s polarizing issues.

Prior to joining the team, Andrea recently earned her MBA and Master of Public Policy from the University of New Mexico, after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. In New Mexico, she did work for a congressional office, a graduate student association, Project ECHO, and other policy related efforts for environmental causes. She was also an NCAA athlete for UNM’s track and field team.

Andrea is currently based in Brooklyn, New York, but is from a suburb just outside of Philadelphia. She is passionate about efficient governance and providing a seat for all backgrounds at the table of that conversation. Since her parents immigrated to the US from Peru, she is a first-generational student and advocate in these policy conversations. In her free time, she enjoys painting, cooking vegan food, and being an advocate in the issues she is passionate about.