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Director of State Policy

About CivXNow:  https://civxnow.org/

About the role – Director of State Policy
iCivics seeks a Policy Director to assist with our CivXNow project and lead our state policy advocacy work. This individual will support policy and advocacy work, coalition-building, social media, event planning, research, state policy strategy, and other departmental needs. This role reports to Shawn Healy, Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Advocacy and Strategy:
    • Facilitating virtual and in-person meetings with state policymakers.
    • Utilizing state-level policy knowledge to advance overall policy strategy.
    • Providing technical assistance to state affiliates, legislators, and public administrators.
    • In partnership with state affiliates, coordinating grassroots and grasstops outreach campaigns across multiple states.
  • Communications:
    • Conducting outreach to partner organizations related to relevant projects of interest to their networks. 
    • Assisting with the development of monthly newsletters and other initiative campaigns.
    • In partnership with the federal policy associate, managing and posting to the CivXNow social media account, and maintaining and updating the CivXNow website.
  • Coalition Building:
    • Recruiting state partners to the CivXNow Coalition and responding to partner organization inquiries.
    • Managing grant opportunities to state coalitions.
    • Serving as a panelist and guest speaker for public programs and events and an interview source for journalists writing about state K-12 civic education policy.
  • Research:
    • Developing and maintaining a database of existing state civic education policies.
    • Formulating model legislation for incorporation into prospective state policies.
    • Monitoring active legislation in states on an ongoing basis. 


What you’ll need

  • 10+ years of overall professional experience with a minimum of 5 years in state policy/politics. 
  • Passion for and/or experience in K-12 education policy is a plus.
  • Demonstrated success at building and managing state-level coalitions, including grassroots activation in pursuit of a policy agenda, and effective relationship-building and maintenance skills.
  • Strong communication skills, including media training, social media savvy, and an ability to build a compelling narrative for stronger state K-12 civic education policies.
  • Ability to handle multiple deadlines and complete assignments with minimal supervision in a fast-paced workplace.
  • Impeccable organization; you are someone who gets a real sense of satisfaction from producing polished work and managing smooth and orderly processes.     


Who you are:

  • An Effective Collaborator. You’ve successfully worked across cultural lines on a dispersed team, and you have the ability to operate in complex situations. You can easily gain trust from team members and are known for supporting them to ensure they are set up for success. You’re not afraid to ask questions.
  • Flexible. You can manage a diverse set of team needs and aren't afraid to step outside your job description or comfort zone to help the team reach its goals. You're comfortable with shifting schedules and don't expect every day to go "as planned."
  • A Self-Starter. You are ambitious in pursuit of aggressive goals and results-oriented.
  • An Abundant Thinker. You believe that we are living in a world of abundant resources and that the right team of partners can make improbable things happen. You bring relentless curiosity and creativity to every task, project, and engagement.
  • Committed to Inclusion. You're always asking: “whose voice is not at the table?” You have experience working with diverse teams and successfully navigating cross-cultural communication in both local and global contexts, and you deeply value creating a workplace that is supportive of difference.
  • Mission-oriented. You believe that lasting, meaningful change comes from the grassroots: from the organized efforts of people, communities, and organizations to enliven the social imagination, envision a better future, experiment with and scale new ideas.


Compensation and Location
iCivics provides its employees with a competitive salary that is benchmarked annually with other nonprofits. iCivics also provides a comprehensive benefits package, including generous health insurance for individuals and competitive rates for families/dependents, 24 PTO days and all federal holidays, a 3% match to retirement, and a collegial environment that supports professional development, wellness, and flexible telecommuting options.

Compensation for this role starts at $100K and can increase based on the candidate’s level of experience. 

We are location agnostic when it comes to this hire, though travel will be an important part of the role with an expected 12-18 trips per year (most quick overnights). Living close to a major airport in the middle of the country will be advantageous to the candidate but will not weigh into our decision. 

The Application Process
iCivics has engaged Equitable Hiring Group to support this hiring process. To apply, please complete the short form to the right. 

Individuals who apply by Wednesday, February 23rd, will be given priority; therefore, we encourage you to submit yours soon!

When you apply, please remove the names of your undergraduate and graduate schools from your resume. There is no need to reformat your resume, but simplify it to “B.A. Economics,” for example. This “bias-free” process is aimed at opening this opportunity to more candidates, reviewing applicants on performance assessments instead of resume proxies (e.g., where you went to school). 

This evaluation process will follow best practices shown to reduce bias in decision making and may be different from other application processes you have experienced.

The overall evaluation process will look to follow this anticipated timeline:

  • Late February: Selected candidates asked to complete short answer questions
  • Early March: Phone interview with iCivics Staff
  • Early March: Finalist candidates will be asked to complete a timed trial assignment
  • Mid-March: Finalists will participate in a multi-team member group interview via video conference.
    • References will also be checked at this step. 
  • Late March: Offer extended.

If you have any questions about the opportunity, please feel free to email abe@equitablehiringgroup.com.



Who We Are

iCivics is a fast growing civic education nonprofit. Founded by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, iCivics re-imagines civic education for American democracy. We champion equitable and non-partisan civic education, while providing engaging resources that empower educators in the critical task of preparing young people for lifelong civic engagement.

With iCivics, nearly 10 million students learn about our government, the rule of law, and civic issues. We make civic education relevant to new generations of Americans through online games and innovative classroom resources—for free. Our reach is substantial: 156,000 teachers across all 50 states are registered with iCivics. Furthermore, our games have been played by students a staggering 148 million times! Our growth continues: last year, teacher accounts and active users grew at over 30%.

We’re the leading national movement elevating the importance of civics in our schools, and the largest civics education brand. We’re currently making a major investment in how our flagship product supports our students and teachers.

An iCivics Type of Person

We are looking for growth-minded entrepreneurial leaders that are ready to make a difference in education and work in a collaborative and fast-paced environment. Our organizational culture is shaped for those with the following traits:

  • Passionate Commitment: We are committed to the success of our mission to bring a high-quality civic education to every student nationwide. We believe all our work should be done with purpose and a focus to further our mission.
  • Goal-Oriented: There is an urgency to our work, and we are relentless in achieving our goals.
  • Equity-Centered: We believe that equitable civic education must acknowledge students’ identities, knowledge, and lived experiences through diverse histories and a teaching of American government that is truthful and transparent. It must be inclusive, representative, and relatable across lines of race, gender, and ability.
  • Collaborative: We prioritize all of our activities around what’s best for teachers and students in teaching civics knowledge and skills in a relevant, equitable, and engaging way. For this reason, we collaborate with educators, partners, students, and with each other to continue to develop and share the best educational materials.
  • Service-minded: We prioritize all of our activities around what’s best for teachers and students to increase educational opportunities in civic education.
  • Friendly and accessible:At the end of the day, we are all in this together. We are friendly and accessible, so all educators and organizations feel comfortable trusting and partnering with us.
  • Innovator: We understand that all great things start with a groundbreaking idea/strategy and are followed with diligent and collaborative execution and insight.