Matt Osber

Technology Consultant

Matt joined iCivics as the Director of Technology in March, 2018.

Matt has spent most of his career as a team leader developing educational technology.  Some product highlights are:

Term Paper Writer - an integrated tool for students to outline, write, and cite sources for their research papers.  Developed for Activision, Inc.
Return of the Dinosaurs - a fantasy game where dinosaurs return to earth and it’s your job to identify them and send them back to the time they came from.  Developed for American Educational Computing
Science Discovery Works - a comprehensive multimedia science program for students in grades 3-6.  Developed for Simon and Schuster.
Reading Assistant - an innovative reading literacy program that uses speech recognition to help students of all ages improve their reading ability.  Matt played a key role in working with a team from Shanghai to bring the original desktop product to the web.  Developed by Soliloquy Learning and Scientific Learning. 

The technology has changed from Apple II to CD ROMs to the internet, and Matt has been a consistent technology leader through all of the changes.  Matt has also spent a number of years developing software in other industries such as health care and consumer electronics.  At Bose Corporation, Matt obtained a patent for his innovation in universal remote controls.

Matt’s career-long aspiration has been to bring technology and innovation to young people through educational technology.  He is particularly interested in social science and is an avid writer and blogger in his spare time. He is delighted to bring his passion and experience to iCivics.