Natacha Scott

Director of Educator Engagement

Natacha worked with the Boston Public Schools for the past 14 years beginning her journey as a third grade teacher at the Josiah Quincy Elementary School after she graduated from Northeastern University with a Masters in Teaching and a Bachelor's concentrated in Public History. She then continued her growth in leadership by participating in a principal internship through the Center for Collaborative Education Principal Residency Network. Prior to transitioning to her role as  K-12 Director of History and Social Studies, Natacha worked with the History Department in several different capacities including curriculum writer, elementary coach, and assistant director in order to develop curriculum resources and professional development to support teachers with designing engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students. 

Beyond the classroom, Natacha had served as a review panel member supporting the revision of the Massachusetts History and Social Science 2018 Curriculum Framework. She also contributed  to the design and development of the Civics Project Guidebook used to frame the expectations of the Action Civics Projects aligned with the 2018 Massachusetts law on civic education.  Natacha also serves as a Steering Committee member and Educator Workshop Lead for the Educating for American Democracy Roadmap project.  She is also a part-time lecturer at Northeastern University, facilitating a course on history and social studies pedagogy.  Additionally, Natacha also presents at both local and national history and social studies conferences to share best practices in the field. 

When Natacha is not diligently working on supporting teachers, curating resources, and developing curriculum, she enjoys spending time baking delicious treats and chauffeuring her 8 year old boy - girl twins to sports practice. Follow Natacha on Twitter @natacha_scott.