Kevin Miklasz

Principle Data Scientist

Kevin Miklasz has worked in and around the fields of data science, education, and game design throughout his career, and is a passionate advocate of high quality learning and assessment experiences for students of all ages.

Kevin has spent his career gaining a smattering of diverse experiences in education, which to name a few in no particular order: designing science curriculum, developing learning analytics for playful experiences, teaching after-school science programs, designing science games, developing data-driven assessments for learning games, developing learning experience prototypes in emerging technologies, managing quantitative and qualitative educational research teams, running game jams for kids, and running professional development for teachers and professional engineers.

After his PhD, he started at Iridescent (now Technovation) as the Director of Digital Learning, where he helped build out the foundation to spread Iridescent's in-person curriculum through digital channels at scale. From there, he joined BrainPOP as their first data science hire, and built up a data science team while also owning product work related to data, acting as department head for the combined data and user research teams, and leading the Rapid Prototyping Lab as the VP, Data and Prototyping. He then joined Noggin as their Senior Director, Learning Analytics and Insights, where he built up a new unit that focused on learning analytics and impact research.

Kevin has a B.A. in Physics from the University of Chicago, and a PhD in Biology from Stanford University. Kevin is also the author of the book Intrinsic Rewards in Games and Learning, which explores how the game industry's innovations in reward structures can be used in educational settings. He's been a lifelong gamer, and in his free time loves to host the occasional game night, pulling from his overly full bookshelf of board games.