Counties Work

Do you want to make your community a better place to live? In Counties Work, you decide about the programs and services that affect everyone! Your choices shape the community, and your citizens’ satisfaction determines whether you’ll get re-elected for a second term. Choose wisely.



Counties Connect
Counties Connect

Successfully serve 50 citizens in Counties Work.

Field of Dreams
Field of Dreams

Who doesn't love a good game? Nobody, so build a stadium in Counties Work!

County Construction
County Construction

Please pardon our dust. Construct at least ten new buildings in Counties Work.


Get re-elected in Counties Work without fumbling a single citizen request.


Rank Username Score
1 Bronze President k3o0 5,000
2 Bronze President k3o0 5,000
3 Quartz Mayor c4p2 5,000
4 Cypress Archivist 4t2r 5,000
5 Pine Volunteer k0g7 5,000
6 Lime Legislator 8g7d 5,000
7 Diamond Doctor x5c8 5,000
8 Green Organizer 5c7u 5,000
9 Scarlet Librarian u8r8 5,000
10 Teal Printer 3o3y 5,000
Rank Username Score
1 Cedar Explorer 9b4u 5,000
2 Local Scholar r9u7 5,000
3 Lime Legislator 8g7d 5,000
4 Copper Journalist 7a6o 5,000
5 Mustard Clerk 6t0u 5,000
6 Diamond Doctor x5c8 5,000
7 Bronze President k3o0 5,000
8 Ruby Attorney 0t4l 5,000
9 Country Protestor o8g3 5,000
10 Scarlet Librarian u8r8 5,000