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BIG Dreams About VR

AUGUST 29, 2018

iCivics Chief Education Officer, Dr. Emma Humphries, shares how her trip to the BIG Festival in São Paulo, Brazil changed her perspective on the possibilities of virtual reality in the civics classroom.

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Constitution Day Competition

AUGUST 23, 2018

We're challenging you to test your Bill of Rights knowledge and the knowledge of your friends and family!

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Immigration Nation Upgrades Accessibility

AUGUST 16, 2018

Newly upgraded and enhanced Immigration Nation game increases accessibility features and game supports to better teaches students about the requirements for becoming eligible to apply for citizenship.

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5 Ways iCivics Improved to Make Your Experience Better

JULY 30, 2018

The same iCivics you know and love... but you may not recognize our brand new website! Keep reading to discover the top 5 ways we’ve elevated our look and enhanced your experience.

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Update: iCivics Executive Director Louise Dubé Named 2018 Civvys Finalist

JULY 25, 2018

We are excited to announce that iCivics was named as one of 40 honorees for the 2018 Civvys Awards.

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iCivics Attends ESA Games for Impact Showcase

MAY 25, 2018

May 8th, iCivics participated in the ESA Games for Impact Showcase held at the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill. Eight members of Congress and over 300 Congressional staff attended the event and learned about the impact that games can make on learning practices, accessibility to content, and community engagement.

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iCivics and APPC Partner on New Media Literacy Game

MAY 17, 2018

We are excited to announce our partnership with the Annenberg Public Policy Center, home of FactCheck.org and Annenberg Classroom, to create a new educational game that teaches news literacy and the precepts of journalistic standards.

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Spotlight on Educator Network: Valencia Abbott (NC)

MAY 10, 2018

The iCivics Educator Network is an energetic group of educational professionals who represent iCivics with outreach and training and, just as importantly, provide the organization with invaluable insights and guidance relating to the field, the profession, and the realities of the classroom. 

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Democracy At Play: A Civic Challenge For Families

MAY 01, 2018

iCivics launches new campaign geared toward getting families talking about civics and politics.

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iCivics Attends RISE 2018

APRIL 13, 2018

iCivics staff and Educator Network members attend the celebration of the 35 year anniversary of the bipartisan report, "A Nation At Risk".