Citizenship: Just the Facts

Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students get the basics of U.S. citizenship. As a foundation for studying the rights and responsibilities of citizens, they’ll learn what it means to be a citizen and how people become U.S. citizens. Students also look at related symbols and traditions, such as the flag, U.S. holidays, and patriotism, and they examine how the right of U.S. citizenship has changed over time. 

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Students will be able to... 

  • Define citizenship
  • Identify ways to become a U.S. citizen
  • Describe loyalty and treason
  • Identify the U.S. national anthem and major U.S. holidays, including Independence Day
  • List rights and responsibilities of both U.S. citizens and all U.S. residents
  • Define the Selective Service System
  • Trace the progress of citizenship and voting rights for different groups over time