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In this lesson, students evaluate hypothetical candidates by establishing and applying their own criteria for selecting public officials. Through a variety of activities, students assess political candidates based on their qualifications, experience, campaign speeches and campaign materials. Students track campaign promises, explore voting records and evaluate the legitimacy of information resources. The role of the media, fundraising and opinion polls in the electoral process is also discussed.

Check out our Candidate Report Card activity where students apply the skills they learn in this lesson to current political races. 

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Partner Resources for this Lesson Plan include:

Candidate Evaluation - Middle School - on Nearpod

Politics and Public Policy - Newsela Text Set



Students will be able to...

  • Establish, explain and apply criteria useful in selecting public officials.
  • Evaluate political candidates based on their qualifications, experience, speeches and advertisements.
  • Examine candidates’ promises and how they align with the offices they seek and their voting records.
  • Evaluate information and arguments from various sources.
  • Identify stands taken by candidates on issues.


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