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The time is now for students to learn about the election process, understand the power of their vote, and become active participants in our constitutional democracy. We encourage teachers, administrators, and families to help facilitate learning with these curated, non-partisan election teaching resources.

iCivics Games

Put your students into the action with these election-focused civics games. Be sure to explore our Win the White House Family Guide to inspire election learning at home.

Win the White House Run your own presidential campaign!
Cast Your Vote Election Day is coming, are you prepared to vote?
Executive Command Being the president is no easy task. Are you up to the challenge?
NewsFeed Defenders Fight hidden ads, viral deception, and false reporting as a NewsFeed Defender!

2020 Presidential Candidates Guide

Encourage students to use this guide as a way to learn more about the presidential candidates and use it as a discussion starter with their peers and families.


Provide visually appealing, graphically concise, and substantive overviews of key concepts using iCivics’ infographics.

19th Amendment
Teaching Impeachment
Six Roles of the President
Running for President
Campaign Cash
Plug Into Power with the U.S. Census

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