Introduce students to the people and processes they need to know with brief and purposeful videos.

What better way to engage students and add variety to instruction than by incorporating a video for students to watch? Our videos can be embedded at any point into your plans. You can use them to introduce a topic, spark discussion, or create a launchpad for further research.

Explore our full library and two series: our Untold Stories: Changemakers of the Civil Rights Era series introduces students to lesser known individuals who have shaped our nation and The Constitution EXPLAINED series that explores the text, history, and relevance of the U.S. Constitution.

Each video includes:

Learning objectives and suggestions for use within instruction
Closed captions that can be turned on or off
A downloadable Teacher’s Guide with additional information and activity suggestions

We're here to help

Not sure how to best implement Videos into your classroom? iCivics offers downloadable comprehensive guides, tips, and tricks for each of our resource guides to help facilitate a seamless experience.