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  • Professional Development

    Your Roadmap for Teaching Controversial Issues

    Today’s polarized climate may seem intimidating for teaching controversial issues, but it also makes it all the more important. With the right approach, classrooms can be welcoming spaces for…
  • Professional Development

    TOM: Teaching Online Masterclass

    A catalogue of bite-sized videos featuring K-12 online teaching experts sharing best practices for online pedagogy, designing online classes and curriculum, building communities of practice and…
  • Professional Development

    Teaching with Primary Sources

    Professional learning videos exploring how to teach with primary sources and iCivics’ DBQuest tool.
  • Professional Development

    Social Media, Free Speech, and Tech Policy

    We joined CATO Institute's Sphere Education Initiative to discuss: How should we think about free speech as it relates to social media? What, if anything, should be done in response to disinformation…
  • Professional Development

    The Bill of Rights at the Schoolhouse Gate

    Do the rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights apply to public schools? The National Archives and iCivics hosted a discussion about the application of the Bill of Rights in schools.
  • Professional Development

    The Constitution and the Election

    Understanding, explaining, and holding civil discourse post-Election Day is key to engaging students in relevant and difficult discourse on constitutional issues surrounding the election.
  • Professional Development

    ReaganEDU Chats: Bringing the Election into the Virtual Classroom

    iCivics' Julie Silverbrook and PBS NewsHour's Victoria Pasquantonio joined the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute for a discussion on teaching the 2020 Election in a virtual…
  • Professional Development

    Constitutional Issues in an Unusual Year (2020)

    A conversation with constitutional scholars on the COVID-19 pandemic, federalism, and individual rights; elections and voting; executive orders and the limits of presidential power; and the Supreme…
  • Professional Development

    The Electoral College: History and Controversies in an Election Year

    An engaging lecture on the history of the Electoral College, its function and purpose, implications for electoral politics, and the debates and controversies surrounding it.
  • Professional Development

    The Electoral College Explained

    Join iCivics and the Texas Bar LRE for a timely discussion on why the Electoral College was created and how it works.
  • Professional Development

    Election 2020 and Schools: Building Skills Through Civic Engagement

    Support for K-12 administrators helping their educators go beyond uncertainty to confidence in addressing election topics.
  • Professional Development

    For Parents: Teaching Your Kids About Democracy

    Explore how to keep your kids engaged in learning at home during this time of remote learning.

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