Exploring the Constitution and Civic Engagement with Private i History Detectives

Professional Development


  • Natacha Scott, Director of Educator Engagement, iCivics
  • Kelley Brown, History's Mysteries Co-Creator, Private i Curriculum Writer, and Educator, Easthampton High School
  • Laurie Risler, History’s Mysteries Co-Creator, Private i Curriculum Writer, and Instructor, Westfield State University

Join Us for a Private i History Detectives Constitution event! Did the delegates do what they were supposed to do at the Constitutional Convention?

No clue?!? 🤷‍♀️ No worries! 

Come learn with us as we explore how to make the Constitution and civic engagement accessible to your young learners.

Explore Private i History Detectives, our inquiry-based curriculum for grades K–5, and discover ways to bring it into your classroom and inspire students.

Private i History Detectives is our first curriculum for elementary learners and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. 

  • Introduce your students to the components of these new inquiry-based lessons
  • Engage your students as history detectives
  • Gain access to fun, age-appropriate strategies and ready-made activities for teaching historical thinking, key historical events, civics, geography, citizenship, and more
  • Share how this free resource helps young learners build content knowledge and critical thinking skills

Let us help you start this school year strong, confident, and equipped to teach civics, social studies, and history in your classroom.