Private i History Detectives

Guide elementary students through exciting historical investigations to build content knowledge and critical thinking skills.

iCivics presents Private i History Detectives, a supplemental K-5 curriculum. Organized by grade-level and topic, these whole class mystery-themed units make teaching social studies fun. Help your students put on their historian hats as they develop life-long inquiry skills to solve each mystery. Private i History Detectives is state-standards aligned and easy to use.

Each Unit includes:

  • Three to four “mystery” themed lessons aligned to state standards and illuminating important and often untold stories.
  • Comprehensive slideshows focused on scaffolded primary and secondary source analysis.
  • Learning objectives, step-by-step teacher instructions, and embedded vocabulary practice.
  • Printable PDFs or digitized student handouts available online through our FREE Kami integration.
  • Narration-enabled Google slide decks bring lessons to life and provide a sense of the lesson flow.

Private i History Detectives is the next evolution of History’s Mysteries, a curriculum created by Laurie Risler and Kelley Brown, who continue to work with iCivics on the development of new resources. If you're interested in professional learning opportunities related to Private i, please email us.

We're here to help

Not sure how to best implement Private i History Detectives into your classroom? iCivics offers downloadable comprehensive guides, tips, and tricks for each of our resource guides to help facilitate a seamless experience.