2 New Infographics on Congressional Leadership

December 14, 2021

A picture is worth a thousand words which is why our infographics are so popular with students. Our newest set of Leadership & The Agenda infographics shows how party leaders shape the congressional agenda in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

These two infographics pair perfectly with our Congressional Leadership mini-lesson or can be used as a stand-alone lesson with the help of our downloadable Teacher’s Guide. The guide includes base knowledge, emphasizes visual literacy skills, and provides conversation starters and activities for students.

Looking for More Infographics to Spark Conversation?

We have a whole library of them! From how a bill becomes a law to ranked-choice voting and the roles of the president, our downloadable and printable infographics provide visually appealing, graphically concise, and substantive overviews of key civic concepts.