Infographic Library

For your convenience, we've assembled a library of the infographics that exist within other units. Use these infographics with your class to introduce students to a new civics topic, as well as practice much-needed visual literacy skills.

Each infographic has a Teacher's Guide with information to help you implement the resource in your classroom, including introduction to visual skills, guiding questions, suggested activities, base knowledge, and vocabulary. 

iCivics en español! A translated version of each infographic is available in Spanish along with a Spanish Teacher’s Guide.

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    Global Toolbox (Infographic)

     What if we thought of international organizations as tools in a toolbox, collaborating and fulfilling specific roles to get a job done? In this infographic, students learn about seven international organizations that lead, collaborate, and protect on the world stage and consider the strengths and limitations of the global toolbox metaphor. Looking for more resources to learn about how the United States responds to world events? Check out our game, Convene the Council or its Extension Pack. 
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    Leadership & the Agenda (Infographics)

    Members in the House and Senate decide who will take on important leadership roles. In these printable infographics, teach students about how party leaders shape the congressional agenda. Separate infographics are provided for the House of Representatives and the Senate, and they can be combined for students to compare and contrast!Looking for more? Pair these infographics with our mini-lesson on Congressional Leadership.  
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    Midterm Math (Infographic)

    How many reasons are there to care about the midterms? Thousands! Use this printable infographic to show your students the impact that the 2022 midterm elections have on the legislative and executive branches.iCivics en español! A version of this infographic is available in Spanish along with a Spanish Teacher’s Guide.
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    Can You BILL-ieve It? (Infographic)

    How does a bill become a law? Follow this decision tree through the life and death of a bill in Congress.
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    Rank Your Choice (Infographic)

    What is ranked-choice voting? How does it work? This infographic will walk you through the process!
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    The Spectrum of State Election Laws (Infographic)

    Voting laws vary by state. Where do your state's laws fit on the wide spectrum of election laws across the country?
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    The Poll Picture (Infographic)

    Public opinion polls can give insight into people's priorities and opinions, and give candidates and the media a sense of the whole picture.
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    Peaceful Transfer of Power (Infographic)

    For over two centuries, American political offices have peacefully transferred power after every election.
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    Gerrymandering: Where Do We Draw the Line? (…

    Where do we draw the line? Find out how redistricting turns into gerrymandering, and how gerrymandering negatively impacts people in those districts.
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    Running for President (Infographic)

    Lace up your shoes and learn how candidates run the race to become President of the United States!