Immigration Nation

Do you know how people become citizens of the United States? In Immigration Nation, you'll find out as you guide newcomers along their path to citizenship. Good luck!

Important Notice to Teachers: Immigration Nation was designed to help students learn the eligibility requirements for U.S. legal residence and citizenship. In the years since we updated the game, there has been a shift in both the rhetoric and the policy surrounding immigration in this country. As such, we are currently examining the tone and content of the game to ensure we are approaching the topic with the accuracy and sensitivity it deserves. In the meantime, we encourage you to have conversations with your students about how immigration is presented in the game, national policy debates, and the media.


Rank Username Score
41 Peach Investigator c3e4 2,100
42 Gold Analyst p8s2 2,100
43 Mustard Principal i8x9 2,100
44 Silver Trainer 8a5h 2,100
45 County Mayor 3l5k 2,100
46 Gold Citizen 4a5y 2,100
47 Village Official b4c3 2,100
48 Peach Founder 3h8x 2,100
49 Bronze Representative 4c5x 2,100
50 Jade Justice 7m6e 2,100
Rank Username Score
41 Aspen Mayor g9f2 2,250
42 Iron Plaintiff n8m9 2,250
43 Peach Gamer 5j7s 2,250
44 Olive Coach 4p8f 2,250
45 Chrome Mayor h5f6 2,250
46 Local Legislator 0o0y 2,250
47 Crimson Operator k3u4 2,250
48 Yellow Justice w0t4 2,250
49 Mint Official a4u9 2,250
50 Ruby Supporter 3c9l 2,250