iCivics Game Challenges

At its core, great civic learning means being part of a larger community: working, sharing, and learning together. Our founder Justice Sandra Day O’Connor reminds us that “civic knowledge is not passed down through the gene pool; it must be taught”. iCivics Game Challenges encourage community members of all ages to gather around our game-based platform. Participants will play the games, discuss the themes, and, later, embark on civic projects of their own. The goal for the program is to increase participants’ knowledge, enthusiasm, and future civic engagement.

Be a part of our Democracy At Play campaign! We're providing FREE nonpartisan resources to support you or your organization in hosting your own iCivics event.

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For more information or to register your event, email challenge@icivics.org and see our Game Challenge Resource Hub.

What you'll need

Don’t forget to download the Facilitator Guide! (available in English or Spanish)

Promote your event with the downloadable social media kit.

Game Time!

We’ve provided an easy three-part framework for you to follow on the night of your event. Think of it like a sandwich...mmmm, tasty and effective! (Available in English or Spanish).

Take the Survey

iCivics needs your feedback to keep making FREE resources! Please ask all participants to complete our survey DURING THE EVENT.

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**All iCivics events must be free of charge to the public.**

Choose a Theme

Interested in introducing residents to local government? Want to inform citizens about their fundamental rights? How about encouraging voter turnout for this year’s election? iCivics.org has a game for that! Promote your event with the downloadable social media kit.

Play some of our favorites:

Or try our newest game: NewsFeed Defenders

Social media can be a great source for news and information. But can you separate the good information from the bad? Fight the onslaught of bad posts, hidden ads, and viral deception as a NewsFeed Defender. After playing, post about it on social media with the hashtags #DemocracyAtPlay #NewsFeedDefenders

Download the Game Guide for playing tips and discussion questions.

Promote Civility

In our experience, folks show up to game challenges to have a good time! But it never hurts to visualize the event ahead of time and be prepared to manage sticky situations. Find great tips in the Game Challenge Resource Hub to keep the good times rolling and the awkward moments contained.

A note about our games: iCivics, and all of its games and resources, are nonpartisan. Our only “agenda” is to cultivate rich civic knowledge and promote informed civic engagement. We encourage iCivics Game Challenge planners to foster safe and fun places for folks to learn together.


Share all the fun with us on social media. Take a community selfie, tweet out game certificates, or share group photos from the event using the hashtag: #DemocracyAtPlay

iCivics is dedicated to reaching every citizen through games. To better reflect society and promote civic engagement with our democracy, we’ve provided resources for families (in English and Spanish) to use at home. We encourage you to share these family resources with your Spanish-speaking community.

Got questions? Email us at challenge@icivics.org.