Infographic Library

For your convenience, we've assembled a library of the infographics that exist within other units. Use these infographics with your class to introduce students to a new civics topic, as well as practice much-needed visual literacy skills.

Each infographic has a Teacher's Guide with information to help you implement the resource in your classroom, including introduction to visual skills, guiding questions, suggested activities, base knowledge, and vocabulary. 

Shedding Light on a State of Emergency (Infographic)

In case of emergency, declare it! Help your students understand what it means when a state of emergency is declared with this printable infographic.

Six Roles of the President (Infographic)

From Commander-in-Chief to Chief Executive—keep track of the many hats worn by the president with this printable infographic for your classroom!

Love this infographic? Explore all of our free election curriculum and teaching resources at our Election Headquarters

Running for President (Infographic)

Lace up your shoes and learn how candidates run the race to become President of the United States!

Peaceful Transfer of Power (Infographic)

For over two centuries, American political offices have peacefully transferred power after every election.

Impeachment and Conviction (Infographic)

Impeachment really is only half the story! Follow the processes and powers of impeachment in this easy to follow printable infographic. 

Can You BILL-ieve It? (Infographic)

How does a bill become a law? Follow this decision tree through the life and death of a bill in Congress.

Gerrymandering (Infographic)

Where do we draw the line? Find out how redistricting turns into gerrymandering, and how gerrymandering negatively impacts people in those districts.

Trial and Appeal Infographic

Most cases start and end in trial court, but what if there's an error? Show students how a case works it's way up in this printable infographic for your classroom!

A Movement in the Right Direction (Infographic)

How did women win the right to vote? Explore how the women's suffrage movement spread across the United States beginning in the late 1800s. Use this infographic to show students how two different approaches to the movement worked to grant women the right to vote.

County Contributions (Infographic)

Meet the departments doing the important jobs that make your county work! 

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