Make your students’ game play more meaningful by using our activity and assessment set designed specifically for Win the White House. This easy-to-use Extension Pack helps you give context and purpose to the game, as well as reinforce and assess the game concepts. That means deeper learning for students, and best practices around game-centered learning for you!  

Extension Packs slides can be accessed with Google Slides and are designed for use with projectors or interactive whiteboards. 

This Extension Pack now includes English language learner (ELL) supports. We've included tips and practice that help make differentiated instruction a breeze. Best of all, new instructional scaffolds now mean this lesson is adaptable for a wide range of learners!

But wait, there's more! Looking for a quick and fun way to check student understanding? Use our Kahoot! in English or in Spanish after students complete this lesson.




Win the White House and its Extension Pack are correlated according to WIDA's methodology using the WIDA PRIME V2 Inventory. To see how these materials best meet your ELL students' needs, click here. (Note: PRIME stands for Protocol for Review of Instructional Materials for ELLs.) 


Partner Resources for this Lesson Plan include:

iCivics: Win the White House - Multigrade - on Nearpod

Win the White House Newsela

Kahoot - Electoral Process

Kahoot - Elecciones 2020: primarias y asambleas electorales

Kahoot - Election 2020: Primaries & Caucuses



  • Explain the electoral process (primary and general elections, Electoral College)
  • Identify the influence of the media in forming public opinion
  • Describe the various sources and uses of campaign funding
  • Describe the types and purposes of polling data
  • Analyze how parts of a whole interact to produce outcomes in complex systems


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