Step Two: The News and You

Having chosen an issue for the project, students analyze two news articles about the issue. They apply the “5W + H” method in order to learn how to gather information from a news article. Using what they learn, they describe the current state of the chosen issue.

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The students will:

  • Read news articles to understand the problem the class has selected.
  • Analyze the articles using 5W+H (who, what, when, where, why, and how).
  • Summarize the problem.
Step by Step: 

TEACHER SET UP Before class, find two medium-length news articles that focus on the community issue your class selected at the end of Step One. Complete the 5W + H graphic organizer for each article to act as your teacher key.


DISTRIBUTE one reading page to each student.

READ page one of the reading with the class, and have students choose between fact and opinion regarding the two statements on cyberbullying.

DISPLAY the 5W+H transparency.

READ the second page, referring to the transparency as appropriate.

DISTRIBUTE one review page to each student. Assign the page and review answers.

DISTRIBUTE one cyberbullying activity reading and worksheet to each student.

READ the cyberbullying article with the class. Make sure they mark new and important words as they read.

DISPLAY The Cyberbullying 5W+H transparency and review the directions.

GUIDE the class through completing the 5W + H cyberbullying worksheet.


ANTICIPATE by asking students to recall what 5W + H means.

DISTRIBUTE two articles and two copies of the 5W + H graphic organizer to each student.

DISPLAY the 5W+H graphic organizer and review the directions for reading the articles.

GUIDE the students through reading and annotating article one and completing one of the graphic organizers.

ASSIGN the students to read article two and complete the second graphic organizer on their own, or continue with article two together as a class.

DISTRIBUTE one Define the Problem worksheet to each student.

DISPLAY the Define the Problem worksheet as a transparency .

GUIDE students through answering the questions about their class problem, using all the information they have gathered so far.

CLOSE by assigning the Quick Write half sheet.

all student and teacher materials.
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