From the basics about slavery to the attitudes that defended it and the efforts of those who wanted to see it abolished, in this lesson students learn about this dark part of America's past.

** Please note: The section about the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850 has been moved to a new mini-lesson called Slave States, Free States that explores the debate about the expansion of slavery. We recommend teaching this mini-lesson along with the Slavery lesson. Find it in our Geography Library.

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Slavery: No Freedom, No Rights - Middle School - on Nearpod



Students will be able to...

  • Explain the impact of slavery on African Americans.
  • Identify modes of resisting slavery through the actions of Nat Turner and Dred Scott.
  • Explain the ‘necessary evil’ defense of slavery.
  • Describe the methods of the abolitionist movement.
  • Identify the inconsistencies in the founding documents regarding the legal existence of slavery


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