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Learn how America's love-hate relationship with Great Britain's government showed up in the way the Founder's designed America's government. In this lesson, students take a close look at British influence on American government by examining representation, voting, checks and balances, and the concept of a bill of rights as they learn about Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, and the British monarchy.

*Note: This lesson highlights British influence on American government. Combine this lesson with other lessons from Foundations of Government - High School to teach students about the many influences that impacted the writing of the U.S. Constitution. 


  • Explain British influence on American government

  • Identify British documents that were influential in shaping the U.S. Constitution

  • Compare and contrast shared features of English and American government, including representation, voting, a bicameral legislature, a single executive, and a bill of rights

  • Analyze how America’s Founders incorporated and improved upon familiar British concepts to contain tyranny in favor of liberty


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