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The Constitution: Rules for Running a Country

This WebQuest takes you on a fast tour of our Constitution. You'll find out why it was written, how it's structured, what it does, and even how it can be changed. All the essentials are right here!


** NEW: This WebQuest was updated on March 6, 2015.

Comparative Constitutions

If you’ve seen one constitution, have you seen them all?  Compare and contrast the provisions of the U.S. Constitution alongside the state constitutions of Florida and Virginia. Find common ways in which state constitutions differ from (and are similar to) the U.S. Constitution, and take a closer look at your own state constitution.  

Volunteer Activity for Constitution Day

This lesson guides volunteers through a great Constitution Day class activty. 

Being President

Ever wondered what it would be like to be President of the United States? Get an overview of who is in charge of running this country, who helps him, and how it affects your life.

For The President, All In A Day's Work

Students learn the primary responsibilities of the President and how those duties connect to the powers the Constitution grants to the Executive Branch. Students also learn about the types of issues the Executive Branch deals with and which federal agencies handle them.