A Civics of Technology from the Printing Press to ChatGPT

Professional Development

Guest Speaker: Daniel G. Krutka

Dr. Krutka is a former high school social studies teacher who is currently Associate Professor of Social Studies Education at the University of North Texas. His research concerns intersections of technology, education, and democracy. He is founder of the Civics of Technology project and hosts the Visions of Education podcast in partnership with NCSS.

In this session, participants will learn strategies for teaching students to think critically about technologies from the printing press to ChatGPT. The session will include five “technoskeptical” questions you can use in your classroom and other resources from the Civics of Technology project. The session will provide critical ways for helping students think about how technology affects citizenship and democracy.

This session is relevant for middle and high school civics educators, or any educator interested in addressing the role of technologies in our personal and civic lives. From smartphones to metaverses to Generative AI, 21st century citizens will need to be able to enact a civics of technology as democratic citizens. This session will offer educators tools to help students make sense of our tools.