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  • Professional Development

    Cut Through the Noise: Teaching Students Media Literacy

    Current events like the upcoming midterm elections are a perfect opportunity to discuss media literacy with your students and help them build their skills. This webinar features our Chief Education…
  • Professional Development

    Private i History Detectives Launch Event

    It’s finally here! Join us for the virtual launch of Private i History Detectives, our new K-5 resources. We’ll introduce you to the components of these inquiry-based mysteries that are aligned to…
  • Professional Development

    Introducing People's Pie!

    Your favorite game to teach about the federal budget is back! The new and improved game gives students a chance to set the federal budget while exploring concepts like mandatory spending, tax rates,…
  • Professional Development

    Visual Literacy and Inquiry: Teaching with iCivics Infographics on Nearpod

    From how a bill becomes a law to rank choice voting and the roles of the president, our infographics provide visually appealing, graphically concise, and substantive overviews of key civic concepts.…
  • Professional Development

    New Approaches to Teaching with Primary Sources

    7:00p-7:45p Guest Lecture and Q & A (Open to Public)7:45p-8:30p iCSL Master Teacher Cohort Meeting (Closed Session)
  • Professional Development

    Ensuring Equitable Civic Education for Students with Disabilities

    7:00p-7:45p Guest Lecture and Q & A (Open to Public)7:45p-8:30p iCSL Master Teacher Cohort Meeting (Closed Session)Guest Speaker: Dr. Leah BuesoLeah Bueso is a postdoctoral scholar with the…
  • Professional Development

    Understanding Civics as a Living, Breathing, and Ever-Relevant Field

    7:00p-7:45p Guest Lecture and Q & A (Open to Public)7:45p-8:30p iCSL Master Teacher Cohort Meeting (Closed Session)Guest Speaker: Dr. Tiffany PackerIn this presentation, Dr. Tiffany Packer …
  • Professional Development

    Why Civics? Why Now? Re-Imagining Civic Education for the Next Generation

    VIEW THE RECORDINGA healthy constitutional democracy requires a citizenry that has the knowledge, skills, and desire to participate in it. To motivate the next generation of students to gain civic…
  • Professional Development

    Power to the Students: A Non-Partisan Guide for Empowering Youth to Engage in Elections

    Learn about iCivics’ newest resource, Students Power Elections Guide on this free Share My Lesson webinar.
  • Professional Development

    A More Perfect Union: When Civics Games Connect with ELA Writing Activities

    In Share My Lesson’s 2020 Virtual Conference, iCivics shared ideas for connecting civics-based online games to ELA writing exercises. You will need to register through Share My Lesson to view the …
  • Professional Development

    Teaching with Primary Sources

    Professional learning videos exploring how to teach with primary sources and iCivics’ DBQuest tool.
  • Professional Development

    TOM: Teaching Online Masterclass

    A catalogue of bite-sized videos featuring K-12 online teaching experts sharing best practices for online pedagogy, designing online classes and curriculum, building communities of practice and…

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