Our Proven Impact

Civic education works

Research confirms that students who receive a comprehensive and high quality civic education are more likely to be informed and actively engaged citizens and voters. Specifically, they are more likely to vote and discuss politics at home, complete college and develop employable skills, volunteer and work on community issues.

Our resources work

iCivics works because we make the subject come alive. Our innovative games and resources teach young people to understand how our political systems work by allowing them to experience it first-hand and empowering them to address real-world issues.

iCivics is popular with students because it’s fun. But teachers have fast adopted iCivics because our free digital resources are high quality, easily adaptable for their classroom needs, standards-aligned and effective.

Surveyed about the tangible impacts iCivics resources have made in their classrooms, 95% of iCivics teachers have noted that their students are demonstrably more engaged; more interested in politics and current events; more open to civil classroom conversations about current events; and more knowledgeable about how our government works. Recently, iCivics’ new pre- and post- game assessments showed an average increase in students’ civic knowledge and dispositions (i.e. likelihood to vote) of 26% and 38% respectively.

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