Our Proven Impact

iCivics works because we make the subject come alive.

Our innovative games and supporting classroom resources teach young people to understand how our political systems work by allowing them to experience it first-hand and empowering them to address real-world issues.

iCivics is popular with students because it’s fun. But teachers are fast adopting iCivics because our free digital resources are high quality, easily adaptable for their classroom needs, standards-aligned and effective.

Surveyed about the tangible impacts iCivics resources have made in their classrooms, teachers have noted that their students are demonstrably more engaged; more interested in politics and current events, and more knowledgeable about how our government works.

Even in these polarized times, an astonishing 95% of teachers said that iCivics is a trusted and non-partisan resource which fosters civil conversations about current events in their classrooms.

And their feedback echoes research findings that students who receive high-quality civic education are more likely to be informed and actively engaged citizens and voters.

iCivics is now the largest provider of civics curriculum in the nation, reaching nearly 200,000 teachers and more than 5 million students, in all 50 states. What’s more, iCivics classrooms are representative of the current political, geographical and socio-economic diversity of America at-large: conservative to liberal; rural to urban; low to high-income communities.


We are consistently validated by good evidence. Independent research confirms our resources produce clear and tangible benefits to students – even after controlling for gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic status. Even more promising: over half the students that play our games in school play them again at home on their own time.

Our materials improve students’ civic knowledge, civic attitudes, and core literacy skills. Students are challenged to learn and engage with the material, and have fun in the process. New evidence is pointing to the power of matching iCivics games with authentic action civics experiences. We encourage you to read our evidence and methodology below: