Do your students know how people become citizens of the United States? In Immigration Nation, they'll help guide newcomers along their path to citizenship.

Opportunities to customize the gameplay experience include:

  • Classic or Puzzle Mode
  • English language or Spanish language
  • Option to hear or mute English voiceover, music, and/or sound effects
  • Player support through the new Decision Compass








Immigration Nation and its Extension Pack are correlated according to WIDA's methodology using the WIDA PRIME V2 Inventory. To see how these materials best meet your EL/ML students' needs, click here. (Note: PRIME stands for Protocol for Review of Instructional Materials for ELs/MLs.)


  • Identify eligibility requirements for legal U.S. residence
  • Use citizenship criteria to distinguish those who are already citizens from those who are not
  • Describe time requirements for legal residents to become eligible to apply for citizenship

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