Being a changemaker means providing a sense of hope and vision for solutions that empower people and our communities. To be a changemaker is to think outside of one's own situation to instead consider the perspectives of others.

Today, there is a lack of focus and support in communities especially or those that are economically and socially challenged. Sole2Soul is a nonprofit dedicated to donating and exchanging used running shoes to promote sustainability and healthy living through the sport of running. We connect a donor and recipient via our website or social media and provide them with a personalized donation experience. Sole2Soul hopes to connect communities and empower individuals that are needy and underserved. We are exploring expansion as a Social Enterprise with the help of the Youth Impact Hub of the City of Oakland.


If our team wins, we plan to use the $1,000 award money to invest in the Sole2Soul website to develop a platform where people can donate their shoes and share their stories about running and their quest for healthier living lifestyles.  In an effort to connect communities, we hope to use the money to fund the development of a fully functional app capable of reaching users of all backgrounds.