This Web Activity goes with the Opinion & Analysis lesson in our News Literacy unit. It is not designed to be used alone. The activity is designed to give students hands-on practice and a deeper understanding of the concepts in the lesson.

Each slide includes a link and a set of questions. Use the companion worksheet in the Opinion & Analysis lesson materials to give students a place to note their answers. (They can write them in the answer space on each slide, too, but there isn’t an easy way for you to download or compile those answers in My iCivics.)

  • Whole-class option: Project the Web Activity in your classroom and work through the slides together as a class.
  • Individual option: Allow students to work through the slides individually or in pairs.



Students will be able to...

  • Distinguish between opinion and news
  • Recognize common types of opinion often found alongside news
  • Compare how different news outlets label opinion
  • Describe the relationship between journalism standards and opinion writing
  • Decide how much value to place on a particular news-related opinion
  • Recognize how news-related opinion can contribute to the public conversation