Web Activity: Governing Washington Communities


This web activity goes with the Governing Communities lesson in our Washington State resources. The activity for this lesson is web-based so students can get the most relevant, real-life information about their local governments. 

Each slide includes a link and a set of questions. Use the templates in the Governing Communities lesson materials to give students a place to note their answers. (They can write them in the answer space on each slide, too, but there isn’t an easy way for you to download/compile those answers in My iCivics.)

  • Whole-class option: Project the web activity in your classroom and work through the slides together as a class.
  • Individual option: Allow students to work through the slides individually or in pairs.


Students will be able to...

  • Describe the structure and function of local government in Washington
  • Identify the level of local government that can address an issue
  • Explain the basics of public meetings
  • Use the internet to locate information about the layers of local government where they live