Beat Out Bullying (BOB)


BOBSeeing the problems of bullying first hand in their schools, a group of middle school students decided to help put an end to this problem in their school by creating the United Way Venture Team, Beat Out Bullying. Through the creation of their own student-to-student presentations and workshops, in coordination with state and national anti-bullying leadership groups, they have been able to bring about a culture change within their community to help put an end to bullying.

If you ask members of Beat Out Bullying what is one of the biggest problems they witness on a daily basis at their school, its bullying going unnoticed in the hallway, after class or even at lunch. Determined to not stand idly by, these middle schoolers chose to stand up, speak up, and beat out bullying at Samoset Middle School. By doing research to identify what actually is bullying, educating peers on its effects on others and raising awareness on how to stop it, B.O.B continues to be the voice of those victims who deserve a safe, fun environment to learn and grow.