One Month Left to Teach About the 2020 Election

October 09, 2020

Students are hearing about the upcoming presidential election everywhere they turn but do they really understand what’s happening?

From campaigning to voting, the U.S. election process is complex and will be even more so this year due to COVID-19. iCivics is here to help you unpack it all for your students with lesson plans, games and more. Find the NEW teaching resources listed below at our Election Headquarters.

Vice President Mini-Lesson

What role does the Vice President play in the government? This lesson will help students better understand the importance of the presidential running mates and what he or she will do if elected.

Gerrymandering Infographic

Where do we draw the line? Use this infographic to find out how redistricting turns into gerrymandering, and how gerrymandering can negatively impact people in those districts. This resource shows students actual examples of gerrymandered districts and how the Supreme Court decides if the gerrymandering is legal.

Reapportionment & Redistricting WebQuest

Do you know how your district lines are drawn? In this WebQuest, students will explore the ins and outs of apportionment including what it is, how often it's adjusted, and how districts are redrawn. Students will also take a look at gerrymandering and its impacts.

Popular v. President

Can the candidate who wins the majority of the popular votes miss out on being president? They can, and it's happened before. In this lesson, students learn about the Electoral College and the difference between the electoral and popular vote. Finally, students analyze arguments in favor of and against the Electoral College and decide which side they'll stand on.

Election Results Tracker

Our Election Results Tracker activity helps students monitor the election results with a map and Electoral College vote counter.