New Tools for Teaching the 2020 Election

May 12, 2020

While the U.S. continues to practice social distancing, the 2020 presidential election is still underway as we head towards November. This remains a critical time for middle school and high school students to keep learning about the election process, understand the power of their vote and how to vote, and feel compelled to be active participants in our constitutional democracy — even if they must do so from home.

To continue to support your teaching of the election, we have released new lessons and tools that can be used with remote learning. 

Voting: Will You Do It?

To adapt to the current circumstances, many states are exploring safer voting options for their primaries, such as vote-by-mail. Are your students aware of these new practices and what to expect in their state?

Even if your students won’t be voting in 2020, the presidential election offers a unique moment to pause, discuss, and build important knowledge. To support your conversations, we just released a new lesson plan with a fillable PDF option. It will help students consider the importance of voting, connect with current issues, and decide for themselves if voting is something they will do. 

Access the Lesson Plan

Primaries, Parties, Caucuses & Conventions

A candidate has to pass a lot of tests before anyone can actually vote for them for president. Introduce your students to the big events and mile markers of the electoral process with this lesson plan and help them learn what a candidate must do before reaching the final test: the general election. 

Access the Lesson Plan

Running for President Infographic

Lace up your shoes and learn how candidates run the race to become President of the U.S. In this new printable infographic, your students will see who can qualify to run, how they must prepare, and the different hurdles they have to overcome to make it to the finish line: Inauguration Day.

Download the Infographic

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