New High School Executive Branch Lessons & Activities Added to Unit

February 13, 2023

The president is the most central figure within the U.S. government. What are the powers, purpose, and limitations of the presidency and the executive branch? Dive deeper into this role with our newly-updated Executive Branch Unit! Introduce high school students to the powers of the president, the function of the executive branch, and the president’s role in foreign policy with these new resources:

Lesson Plan: Why President?

Students examine why the Framers created the presidency and how it differed from other leaders around the world.

Lesson Plan: The Second Branch

Students take a deep dive into Article II of the Constitution to understand the structure and function of the executive branch.

Lesson Plan: Foreign Policy

Students learn what foreign policy is, as well as the role of the executive branch and the president in implementation.

Lesson Plan: The Modern President

Students explore how the role of the president has expanded and evolved since it was established.

WebQuest: What Can a First Spouse Do?

The president’s job is clearly defined, but what is the role of the First Spouse and how has it evolved over time? In this WebQuest, students learn how First Ladies have contributed to the leadership of the country.

Infographic: Order Up! Executive Orders

What the president says goes... or does it? This printable infographic explains what executive orders are, how they work, and what they can be used for, and how they are limited.

Looking for more resources for teaching about the presidency and the executive branch? Find all of our games, lesson plans, infographics, and other resources for middle and high school students in our Executive Branch curriculum unit!

Prepare for Presidents’ Day with our collection of resources.

Presidents’ Day is just a week away on February 20. Use our games, lesson plans, infographics, and other resources to teach about the important role the president plays in the U.S. government.