9 iCivics Games with English Language Learners Supports

August 04, 2020

iCivics is committed to providing high-quality and effective civic learning materials that are accessible–and engaging–for English language learners. Through Spanish-language versions of our most popular games and leveled ELL supports throughout both the games and ancillary materials, we are working to help every student understand our system of government and be inspired to participate in it!
We were honored to receive the 2019 President’s Award from the TESOL (Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages) Association. Honorees of the award are individuals or organizations outside of the English language teaching field that have demonstrated a commitment to English language instruction and education.
These 9 games have ELL supports: 

Each game offers the option to play in Spanish or English; English-language voiceover; glossary; gameplay scaffolds, embedded & printable content guides; accompanying Extension Pack with game-specific expansion activities and tips.

Watch the new trailer for LawCraft below in Spanish to get a sense of our game content for your students: