5 Ways iCivics Improved to Make Your Experience Better

July 30, 2018

We wanted to make our site friendlier for new teachers, students, and all around civics buffs, but we especially wanted to cater to our long-time users. We’ve given the whole site a more modern look and feel and simplified navigation to save you clicks and valuable time.

Here’s a look at 5 changes you’ll see:


1. More registration options.

Not a teacher? Not a problem! If you facilitate student learning or need access to our curriculum as an adult, you can now register for a FREE Educator account. Truth is you always could, but now you can tell us exactly what your role is if it isn’t listed in our expanded menu option. As always, iCivics accounts are absolutely one-hundred percent free.


2. More search options.

You’ve always been able to search for resources on iCivics.org. Now you can search from your MyiCivics page, too. Just looking for DBQuests? How about games? Filter your search using our new resource options to quickly find what you need.


3. Three ways to register students.

Tired of those pesky confirmation emails? So were we! Students can still sign up for iCivics using their school, or other, email address and join your class using your unique class code. Or as the educator, you can add students to your class, skipping the need for student email addresses altogether. What’s cooler, students can simply register for a free student account by entering your class code. That’s it. No emails, minimal work. Step one and done!

4. My iCivics dashboard facelift.

My iCivics, our learning management system, is sporting brand new features. In addition to creating and managing classes and assignments, you can now use My iCivics to keep track of your favorite iCivics resources. Star a lesson plan, game, or digital tool and you’ll be able to easily find it in your favorites.



5. New features, new resources, and more.

When you log in from the iCivics homepage, you’ll be directed to our educator login landing page. Easily find current iCivics campaigns and the latest updates on new resources from the login landing page. Wondering what we’re up to right now? Curating the best back to school resources for you and your brand new classes!


Visit our back to school landing page for access to our newest materials!

Let’s get started! Login—register, if you need to, and have fun exploring iCivics.org. We recommend checking out the “Teach” hub first. We guarantee you’ll like its new, intuitive design!  

Are there other features you’d like to see iCivics roll out in our next upgrade? Connect with us on social media or contact us here!