iCivics featured in New PBS Documentary Preserving Democracy: Pursuing a More Perfect Union

January 05, 2022

Preserving Democracy iCivics PBS

iCivics Executive Director Louise Dubé is featured in a new PBS documentary, Preserving Democracy: Pursuing a More Perfect Union, discussing the role of civic education in engaging and fostering an informed citizenry. 

iCivics’ Educator Network member and middle school civics teacher Mary Ellen Wessels’ students at Gate City Charter School in Nashua, New Hampshire, are also featured in the segment exploring the need for and impact of preparing all young Americans for informed citizenry from an early age. Wessels and her students show how iCivics’ nonpartisan games and lessons are used to educate millions of students in classrooms across the country in a fun, engaging, and impactful way.

The documentary reflects on the historical context of the democratic system, progress and threats to democracy at home and abroad, and lessons learned from our nation’s origin to the present day. It also highlights the Civics Secures Democracy Act, currently supported by a bipartisan alliance of Congressional leaders to invest $1 billion in civics and history education, ensuring more and better civic learning for all students in the United States.

In her closing remarks in the documentary, Louise emphasizes:

Civic education is the bedrock for a strong economy. Civic education is a national imperative because it’s so deeply related to national security issues. There are serious consequences to our nation and we need to change that right now.

Now is the time to seize this unique momentum and affect real and lasting change for future generations. Our investment in our students and their in-depth understanding of civics is an essential path forward for our country. 

Preserving Democracy: Pursuing a More Perfect Union premieres on January 6, 2022 on local PBS affiliates. (Check local listings for air times.) You can also see an excerpt of the segment on civic education on last weekend’s episode of PBS NewsHour (beginning at 11:39) below.

For educators looking for resources on facilitating classroom conversations, visit: Teaching About January 6, 2021: Resources for Classroom Conversations Surrounding the Capitol Siege.