iCivics: Effective and Engaging

June 05, 2012

“Because of iCivics, I’ve now got 500 children who are interested in their future in this country, who are interested in learning.” These are the words of an educator in Texas. This past year, iCivics formed the basis of a rigorous study in the Waco ISD school system.

Children from fourth to twelfth grade used iCivics games to learn about topics ranging from the amendments to the Constitution to the different paths to citizenship. The results? Though still preliminary, they are looking good. One of the researchers from Baylor University observed that “I think the great thing about iCivics is that they want to know ‘Does it work?’. What we’re hearing from teachers from fourth through twelfth grade is that it’s a great program. The test scores are indicating that the students are seeing gains. We saw statistically significant improvements from pre- to post-test scores.”

And the kids? Well, according to another Waco teacher, “The kids loved it! It was an instant success--they were actually looking forward to their civics classes.” Take a look at the video below to see iCivics in action and more observations from researchers and educators about how engaging and effective the iCivics program is.