iCivics Board Member, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, releases new children’s book, “Just Help! How to Build a Better World”

January 25, 2022

Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the United States, and iCivics Board Member, released a new children’s book, Just Help! How to Build a Better World, her third book for young readers. (Read the official announcement on AP News.)

“This is a wonderful book asking young readers the simple question Justice Sotomayor’s mother asked her each morning: ‘How will you help today?’” said iCivics Executive Director Louise Dubé. “Much of civic education is about understanding one’s role in relation to others, in supporting family and community. I was honored to contribute some insight to this book showing young people some of the simple, yet significant, ways they can make a difference right in their own communities, as well as inspire others to do the same.”

In the book, children help in a variety of ways - from sending care packages to U.S. soldiers overseas to cleaning up a park to donating toys to a children’s hospital to volunteering at a nursing home. 

“I want kids to do this intentionally, to think that this is a requirement of living almost, that trying to figure out how they will make a better world should be a part of the charge of their living,” said Justice Sotomayor in a telephone interview ahead of the book’s publication.

Justice Sotomayor said she wants kids not only to help family and friends but also to actively think about and act to help neighbors and the community and change the world.

In her role on the Board of iCivics, Justice Sotomayor has demonstrated a tireless commitment to ensuring each and every child in the United States is informed and inspired for lifelong civic engagement through high-quality civic education. Specifically, she has visited with thousands of students across the country with the message that they can—and should—help make a difference as community members. 

The book is available from all major booksellers, or it can be purchased through the Supreme Court Historical Society’s Gift Shop. 

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