College Board Makes Changes to SAT Test

March 05, 2014


Subject: College Board changing the SAT Exam

On March 5th, the College Board announced that it will be redesigning the SAT® exam in 2016. Among the changes, the exam will now include civics-based reading and writing passages.

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, our founder and Board Chair, spoke with the College Board about this exciting announcement.

Learn more about the SAT® changes announced today through this video featuring Justice O’Connor.

The new SAT exam will require students to analyze documents from social science sources and support their answers with evidence. As the College Board explains “Each exam will include a passage drawn from the Founding Documents of America or the Great Global Conversation they inspire.” We’re glad the College Board has shown this commitment to civics.

As always, iCivics will continue its mission to provide engaging and effective civic learning resources to students and teachers across the country.

Thank you,

Jeff Curley

Executive Director, iCivics