R2LNextGen Students Play Do I Have a Right?

August 05, 2019

What happens when you mix a group of students, video games, and...constitutional law? Fun, great conversations, civic learning, and engagement! 

Earlier this summer, Amber Coleman-Mortley, iCivics’ Director of Social Engagement and Taylor Davis, iCivics’ Senior Curriculum Developer, led a workshop for R2LNextGen students from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute to help them brush up on their civic knowledge and skills.

The students played our game Do I Have A Right? After playing, students reflected on their experience of stepping into the role of a lawyer (specialized in constitutional law) and learning their constitutional rights.

Here is what they had to say:

“I really enjoyed learning about iCivics and I share the same vision as you. I am very excited to know that there are many people, in such an important part of the country, that care about the civic education of minority groups and young people. I appreciate the idea of targeting children and young adults our age. Your vision will stay with me, as I take it to my school, and hopefully my district. iCivics made change look easy, and I will take what I learned all the way to Texas with me.” – Alfredo M., Fort Worth, TX

“I learned so much about rights and your game was so cool. I downloaded it the day after and started playing.” – Geivian C., Cayey, PR

“iCivics has an incredibly engaging game! Not only was it entertaining, but it was also educational. I will definitely show it to my MECHA club at my school.”– Julia M. H., Riverside, CA

Our team was so impressed with the active participation of the student group and their willingness to dive right in to game play. Amber noted, “Any opportunity to engage with dynamic students is always a wonderful time. It seems that no matter how old students are, when they’re playing our games in groups I’m impressed with the low ‘buzz’ rising in the room. There’s no doubt that the students were engaged in thoughtful learning and insightful conversation.” 

CHCI’s Associate Manager of Programs, Eleazar Gutierrez, said “The iCivics workshop was a hit once again this year, and one of the favorites amongst our students. It served as an eye opening experience for students to realize the importance of civic engagement through technology.“ CHCI is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that provides leadership development and educational services to students and has partnered with iCivics on other occasions as well. We hope to partner with CHCI on another workshop like this in the future!

Do you have a student group or program that would like to take part in a workshop like this? Check out our Democracy At Play site for more information on hosting Game Challenges and let us know if you are interested!