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June 09, 2022

Last summer, I was approached by my AP U.S. Government teacher, who presented me with the Equity in Civics Youth Fellowship and motivated me to apply. While civics and politics have always been a passion of mine, I was unsure of what the fellowship entailed. I decided to apply regardless of the specifics because having the opportunity to engage in conversations regarding civics education with other young people was, in my opinion, a fantastic opportunity. 

Now that the fellowship is almost over, I look back at all that we have done this year, and I am grateful for all the knowledge and amazing opportunities the EYCF team has given us. Fellows have learned about civics, media, video editing, and more. We have engaged in rich conversation regarding the equity or inequity of civics in the United States and addressed all these challenges and questions with possible solutions based on extensive research we performed.

One of the most valuable aspects from the fellowships has been the ability to connect with young people from all over the country, all of whom come from different states and backgrounds. Some of us are from suburban areas, while others live in rural counties. We all live in communities that represent the political spectrum. All of our differences make this fellowship unique. We’ve learned about new perspectives and ideas while also getting to know people within our age range who are passionate about impacting their communities. 

Lastly, without the incredible support of our mentors, Michael Reyes and Natacha Scott, this would not have been possible. Throughout this journey, they have kept us on track with our learning and activities, and they have brought amazing guest speakers. They have given us the necessary tools to become confident in our abilities and empower ourselves to reach out to our communities to spread awareness on topics that mean a lot to us and civic education. 

I encourage all of you to participate in this fellowship because it is unlike any other experience you have been a part of. It will build your knowledge and character and allow you to bond with people who otherwise you would probably never come across with.


Authored by Sophie Schmidt

Sophie Schmidt is an 18-year-old senior from Ocean Springs High School, Mississippi, ready to begin her college journey at the University of Southern Mississippi, where she was awarded the presidential scholarship. In her free time Sophie enjoys volunteering and is very involved with her local hospital as she aspires to become a doctor. She is passionate about civics and political advocacy and works hard to raise awareness about LGBTQIA+ rights, women’s rights, and environmental awareness.