January Resources: Make 2020 the Year of Student Activation

January 23, 2020

It’s officially 2020! Start the new year off by going back to the basics, helping students practice skills that encourage them to participate in civic life and take action on issues that matter to them.



Do your students have a great idea about how to make positive change in their community?  Assign Activate to teach them how to raise awareness and build community engagement for their cause.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day — Jan. 20
Celebrate the life and legacy of MLK with our Students Engage! lesson to help them learn steps they can take to address problems in their communities.

20th Amendment Ratified — Jan 23, 1933
Dive into our Constitution unit that is full of lessons to foster deeper understanding of rights and protections provided by constitutional amendments such as the 20th.


It's a big year for civics and civics educators like you. Be sure to count on iCivics for your lesson planning to 2020. Each month throughout the school year we will send you a list of resources aligned to key civics topics and events. Each month's resources will be available and archived at www.icivics.org/election.